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Featured Partner: Susie Louis & Conservation Fusion

Susie Louis is the founder and director of Conservation Fusion. Her life-long love of plants, animals and the environment led to an extensive career at the Omaha Zoo. Established in September 2010, Conservation Fusion engages individuals and communities in education about the value of biodiversity and promoted sustainable stewardship of local environments. Learn about some of the things Conservation Fusion is accomplishing in Madagascar (in the video below) and indicate your support at check-out !

Education | Books That Inspire the Next Generation of Conservationists

VOICES FROM THE APE HOUSE | In this memoir, former zookeeper Beth Armstrong takes readers behind the scenes at Columbus, Ohio’s famed zoo to experience the complicated social lives of western lowland gorillas and the profound privilege of working with them. Bongo, Toni, Jumoke, and, of course, Colo—the world’s first gorilla born in captivity—were just some of the individuals who inspired and shaped Armstrong’s commitment to improving gorilla husbandry and to encouraging her zoo’s involvement in protecting gorillas in the wild. 

Her recollections give readers a glimpse into the fascinating world of gorillas—the familiar gentleness of parents toward infants, power plays and social climbing, teenagers’ exuberance, the capacity for humor, and the gorillas’ grief as they mourn the death of one of their own. In the end, Armstrong’s conflicted feelings around captivity and her lifelong fondness for these animals helped shape a zoo program known for its dedication to gorilla conservation. 

“Voices from the Ape House is a powerful journey through a remarkable time in zoological history. Throughout, Beth Armstrong examines the unique relationship between animals and people—showing that there is so much more to be learned as we work every day to conserve these magnificent creatures.”Jack Hanna, Host of Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild